The Value of prints

Il valore delle stampe – prodotti fine art

The Value of Prints

Digitals or prints?

We take hundreds of photos everyday, that we can easily and immediately share with our friends and parents, on social media and much more; our digital storage is handy and we think it’s safe and reliable: then, one day, you find out that your most important photos are lost, you don’t have any backup and your mobile phone doesn’t work anymore. If you have them on your laptop, tell me: how many times do you turn it on to look at your photos?
The value of a photo? It’s priceless. In 10 or 20 years, or even more, when that storage support will be obsolete (think about floppy disk, then CDs…), how will you live today’s emotions again? With a print!

That’s the reason why I choose the best fine art products for your memories and emotions: hand made and made in Italy!

small / medium size prints
wall art
fine art album on cotton paper

This is what you deserve at the end of this Experience!
This is more than “buying something”, this is giving the right value to yourself!

Astrid Nielsen
Professional Boudoir photographer in Modena, Italy | P.iva 01863750384