About me

Astrid Nielsen | Boudoir Photographer

Despite my Nordic name, I am short, with light brown hair, (although I recently switched to copper!) and with gray-green eyes: forget the tall blonde blue eyes Danish girl!!! I was born 37 years ago, in Ferrara, and there is a photo of me taking my first steps with a film in my hand. “When I grew up” I wanted to be an architect and actually I became one: but probably who – on graduation day – made me dress up as a camera already knew how it would end!

I suffer from vertigo and like climbing
I’m afraid of falling and I roller skate around Modena
I am shy and I am part of an amateur acting company
I am the daughter and granddaughter of classical musicians and I listen to symphonic metal

I love traveling! Discovering new places is always exciting and stimulating: my work has led me to travel to different regions, such as Piemonte, Lombardia, Puglia and Sicily! For this reason, even if I have been living and working in Modena since 2013, I am very happy to move and reach my clients in Italy and why not … even abroad!

Professional Photographer
AIBP – Association of International Boudoir Photographers
Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti TAU Visual

Astrid Nielsen
info@astridnielsen.it | p.iva 01863750384