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Boudoir Experience
boudoir & couple’s boudoir | discover the most exciting experience of your life!

Welcome to the “questions and answers” page! Here you will find out how it works: where it takes place, how long it takes, how many outfits you can bring to your shoot, the investment, the photo reveal, inspirational photos and much more!

How does it work?

There're a lot of reasons to book a Boudoir Experience!

take some time for yourself: this is not only the 2 hours that we will spend together, but it includes all the things you'll do to prepare yourself for the shooting! Going to the hairdresser, maybe? Eating better? Sleeping more?

for your self-confidence: think about having a beautiful portrait of yourself that you can admire every day as a "reminder" of the path you took!

learn how to love your body or learn to love it again: with its scars, with its imperfections, with its new curves!

see yourself in a new way: (re)discover your femininity and your sensuality, even together with your significant other (spend some time with him or her! Cuddles and kisses for the whole time!)

celebrate: a special occasion, an important milestone... or simply, yourself!

Every woman! The important thing is to be 21+! Do you think you can't do it because you have stretch marks,  curves or a short and comfortable hair cut? Because your body changed after pregnancy? Or simply because you think you're not “like the girls you see on social media every day”? You are just as perfect as they are and just the way you are! Think about it, you are a super: career woman, housewife, mom, friend or neighbor! Or all these things together! You get up in the morning, take your kids to school, go to work, take your kids to the gym, go shopping, come home, wash-iron-clean-cook, finally you go to the gym too, take the dog out, or go out with friends, do a theater or a dance class ... and many other things! At the end of the day, you are a woman: wonderful, sexy, simply gorgeous! Whatever your age, your size, your height, your sentimental situation, your job is: Boudoir is for you!

Hi! It's me, Astrid and I'm your Boudoir photographer! During the session there won't be any other person: only me and you! Being photographed by a woman will allow you to feel at ease and through my photographs you will have the opportunity to express your personality, your femininity and the beauty that is in you! Boudoir is more than a “photo shoot”, it is an unforgettable experience: you will see yourself in a new way! I am a professional photographer and I am a member of the Italian Association of Professional Photographers. I started shooting Boudoir in 2013 and since 2018 I am a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP).

In 2018 I got out my comfort zone too and I had my Boudoir Experience! I will never ask you to do something that I would not do! And then... come on, I was a little envious of my clients' experience and photos!!!

There is a 250€ non-refundable session fee for an individual session and it includes:

  • consultation and planning; my skills; the shooting at my studio in Modena: 2 hours and up to 5 outfits; access to  the client closet’s lingerie; photo reveal: the appointment to see your gallery, at my studio or online (Google Meet); assistance when choosing products.

Files and products are not included: why?

All images and products (digitals and printed ones) can be purchased separately: you'll get the most custom and personal experience! During the reveal, you will be able to flag your favourite photos and I'll assist you with placing any orders you'd like for any items on my pricing.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything, neither before the shooting nor during the photo reveal.


Print packages: starting from 150€ | wall art: starting from 90€ | fine art albums: starting from 790€

Collections: starting from 695€

Write me to get the full price list.

In order to reserve the time slot, 100% session fee is required to book it.

In my studio in Modena!

The place par excellence for this kind of shots is the home; this is why my studio is not the classic studio with a neutral backdrop and artificial lights, but an intimate and comfortable space with warm blankets, soft pillows and sheets, a beautiful black floor: here you can feel at home! And, for a break during the shooting, chocolates and coffee are there for you! It is located in Modena, just a few minutes from the station and the center!

The studio is the "no stress" solution: you won't have to worry about tidying up the house, having the right sheets, husband/children to keep busy away from home for a few hours... you won't have anything to worry about!

If you live outside Modena, it can be a chance to give yourself a a day (or a weekend) out of town: Modena is a beautiful city and it's the percfect choice if you're passionate about food and wine tour!

my studio

The answer is simple: whatever you want, everything that makes you feel comfortable and sexy! You can choose a sweater, a blouse or a T-shirt, a silk dressing gown, the underwear of your favorite color or intriguing lingerie like babydoll or guêpière! This is the best chance to dare! Are you thinking that you never wore something that's in your wardrobe because “maybe it’s too sexy”? Well, it’s the right one! In addition, you can match the accessories you want: stockings, necklaces or high-heel shoes! Don’t you feel comfortable wearing lingerie? Can’t find the right dress? Discover how liberating and fun it is to take some shots simply wrapped in the sheets or just with a shirt! And if you want to wear something special … you will have the lingerie client closet available!

If you want to take only nude photos, there's no problem! In order to have a greater variety of images, I recommend to bring with you a shirt, a dressing gown (if you don't have it, don't worry, I’ll take care of it!), a long necklace and shoes.

You'll have time for up to 5 outfits! Here some examples:

  • babydoll, bodysuit, bra and panty set, white blouse and in the sheets.
  • robe, bodysuit, bra and panty set, white blouse, body chain.

Typically a boudoir session includes full length, portraits, details shots; they will be taken according to the mood you want to give to your session: sweet and romantic? Sexy and provocative? Naked? You are not obliged to choose the day you will book your session, you have plenty of time to think about it and you can change your mind even during the session: many of my clients started with the idea of ​​a session “without ever getting undressed” to “implied nude”, having a lot of fun! If you want to make a session based only on a certain type of images, just tell me about it! You can also make a selection of images that have impressed you, by style or pose, and that you would like to have in your gallery too: let me know about it a few days before your session!

I love working with natural light and its shadows. Black & white and strong contrasts are my signature. And … I am Photoshop Free! I know that the idea of ​​”not retouched” photos can be frightening but you don't have to worry: you'll fall in love with yourself and that's why you have to do this experience! My editing is based on color correction (and black and white!) and not on the morphological correction of the body! The rule is: if it is part of you, it remains. Small imperfections or pimples will be removed! As for stretch marks, many women have them... I’ll show you that you are beautiful without Photoshop and retouching! Are you ready?

No, if you don’t want them to be used online!

At the end of the photo reveal you will tell me what I can do/can't do with your photos: you will choose whether I will be able to use them all, only some of them, only anonymous images or none. There are so many sessions that clients asked me to keep private and trust me: I'll never share those photos!

Do the shoot! Take the photos you love!

No. Boudoir is in intimate and personal photo shoot and I want you to feel comfortable during the session. I don't want you to think about "what will my friend say about this? what will she think?".

Within 30 days from the date of the session I will provide a selection of the best images, which will be post-produced according to my style; as soon as your gallery is ready, we will organize your photo reveal! You will come to view your gallery at my studio, by appointment, or we will organize a video call with Google Meet. You will be able to look at your photos and choose, if you want to, what to buy. A gallery includes on average 50 images.

It's super easy! Fill out the contact form in this page. I'll get in touch as soon as possible so we can choose the perfect date for your session! After that, I'll send you the contract and all the info you need for the payment.

I suggest to book 6-8 weeks in advance!

And now… a friendly reminder:
Someday is not a day of the week!

Choose a date and start your Boudoir Experience right now!

I shoot only one session a day and I am also available on weekends; I recommend to book at least 6 weeks in advance for midweek dates and 8 weeks for weekends, especially if you plan to make it on a specific date (your birthday, for example)! Booking in advance will allow you to find the perfect date for you!

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