Boudoir photographer in Modena

Boudoir is for you!
For every woman who wants to give herself a gift! For every woman who wants to feel special and beautiful!
For every woman who wants to empower herself!

Why booking a Boudoir session?
First of all, because it’s funny!
And then … there are many reasons to do it:

to dedicate some time to yourself: it will not only be the two hours we will spend together, but also everything you have done to prepare for your session!
for your self-confidence: try to imagine how beautiful it will be to have a beautiful portrait that you can admire every day as a “reminder” of the path you have taken!
to learn to love your body or love it again: with its scars, with its imperfections, with its new curves!
to see you in a new way: discover your sensuality!
to celebrate a special occasion or an important milestone, whatever it is!
for any other reason why you want to celebrate yourself!!!

Book your session now! Choose a date in 2021 e start your Boudoir Experience!

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    Astrid Nielsen
    Boudoir Photographer
    I’m based in Modena and I travel in Italy and abroad! | P.iva 01863750384