Boudoir experience

When I say what kind of photography I do, I often see strange expressions on people faces: someone is curious, someone else doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, some people says “I never would have guessed!”. “What”? That a woman can take photos of women? That a woman can take photos of other women in an intimate and personal space to demonstrate their beauty, outside and inside?

Boudoir is not a “scandalous” photo shoot, something to be ashamed of; often, it’s associated with nude and vulgar (it’s not clear why nude is associated with vulgar), but it’s not so! Boudoir is the best experience that any woman can have! And what I like the most is that it’s for every woman! Every single one, without exception!

Everyday we are bombarded with images of women that we describe as “perfect”: on magazines, social network, posters… because they’re taller than us, they have amazing hair styles, impeccable makeup or a fine body. And you? You’re as perfect as they are! You are super: businesswoman, housewife, mother, best friend, neighbour! You wake up in the morning, bring your children to school, go to work, carry  your children to gym, do the shopping, then you come back home and you wash-iron-clean-cook, finally o to gym too, walk your dog, go out with friends, take a dance course or theatre… and so many other things! And at the end of the day, when you jump on your bed to relax, you are a woman.
And you want to feel w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l, sexy, cuddled, simply amazing!

Don’t you think it’s time to give yourself a minute, just for you? Right now! Not in a while, in some months, maybe in a year. Now. As you are! Yes, even now while you’re curled up on the couch, in your pajamas and without makep, with a cup of hot herbal tea in your hands!

It’s the best gift that you can give yourself and you don’t need an excuse to do it! Spend some time for yourself, to feel and see yourself beautiful anda sexy! Do you know that it could be an intriguing and unexpected surprise for a special person? Whatever your size, your height, eyes color, hair lenght, your relationship status, your job or your hobby is: boudoir is for you!

Being photographed by a woman allows you to feel at ease and my pictures will talk about your personality, your femininity, confidence and you’ll find out the beauty inside you! Boudoir is more than “a photo shoot”, it’s an unforgettable and unique experience, it’s a confidence building path: sensual, spontaneous and natural images, see-through pictures, that suggest through play of transparencies, see-through and details!
…rediscover the lingerie you left in the drawer of the closet! Yes, that one you saw in the shop window and that you fell in love with thinking “wow! I want it!” (do you remember you spent half your salary for it, don’t you?); that one your fiancé gave you and in front of which you said “me wearing this?” (and then you put on a Disney pajamas). Are you maybe thinking that you have never worn it because “it’s too sexy”? Well, it’s the perfect one, because it’s time to dare!

Are you not a lingerie-person? You don’t have to take off your clothes to be sexy! You can choose an elegant dress or an easy going and comfortable outfit!

Boudoir Modena, Astrid Nielsen, Astrid Nielsen Photography, Astrid Nielsen Boudoir, Astrid Nielsen fotografa boudoirI know you’re thinking: I can do it, because you can use Photoshop! I use Photoshop just a little bit: during the session I always show the photos I’m taking and it’s amazing when I hear you saying “This is me? Really? I would have never thought to be like this without Photoshop!”. I know you’re worried about an “unretouched” session, but the satisfaction is great! And I call it “self confidence”

“I thad been thinking about this for a long time and I couldn’t have done it with anyone else”

“I would have never thought to have photos like these! They are great! The more I look at them, the more I can’t believe it’s true!”

“I can’t choose…I like them all… and, what if we print all of them?”

“you make people feel good with their body!”

“In these photos I can see the point of view of a woman! Keep it up!”


You deserve any of this, don’t you think?
Write me to book the best experience of your life!

Astrid Nielsen
Boudoir Photographer
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