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the best experience of your life: how it works (frequently asked questions)

I know you have questions, so…

All women can book a boudoir session! The important thing is to be 18+! Every day we define “perfect” the women we see on social networks, in magazines, on TV advertisements: we think that they do not have the same “defects” as we focus on every day and that we often only see. A stretch mark, a slightly soft side, a short and comfortable cut. But you, you are as perfect as they are! Think about it, you are a super: career woman, housewife, mother, friend or neighbor! Or all these things together! You get up in the morning, take your children to school, go to work, take your children to the gym, go shopping, go home, wash-iron, clean-cook, finally go to the gym too, take the dog out, or go out with your friends, do theater or a dance class … and many, many other things! At the end of the day, when you throw yourself on the bed to relax a bit, you are a woman and you want to feel beautiful, sexy, empowered, simply gorgeous!

During the session there will be just you and me. Being photographed by a woman will allow you to feel at ease and through my photographs you will have the opportunity to tell your personality, your femininity and the beauty that is in you! The boudoir is much more than a “photo shoot”, it is an unforgettable experience: rediscover yourself through spontaneous and sensual images, which suggest through games of transparency, see-through, details! I am a professional photographer and I am part of the National Association of Professional Photographers. I started dealing with Boudoir in 2013 and since 2018 I am also a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers (AIBP).

There is a 200€ non-refundable session fee for an indivudual session and it includes: the time that I will dedicate to you before and after the session, to answer all your questions and curiosities, create a personalized proposal that suits your needs; my skills; the photo session of about 2 hours and up to 5 outfits; client closet’s lingerie; selection and post-production of the best images; the appointment to see your gallery (photo reveal), at my studio or online (Google Meet); assistance in the choice of products and, in case of purchase, personalized proposals. If you want to book a couple session (with a friend or with your significant other) the session fee is 320€.

In the session fee (individual and couple) are not included: files, printed products, travel fee and or location (if you don’t want to shoot at your home). In order to reserve the time slot, 100% session fee is required to book it. Payment of travel fee is required on the day of the shooting.

I want to give you the chance and freedom of choosing “if” and “what” to buy from your gallery. There is no purchase obligation or without having seen your photos. If you want to buy something from your gallery, I offer packages (“collections”) and an à la carte princing (yes, you can buy just 1 file, if you want). If you want to give the right value to your memories (because that’s what you deserve!), I offer payment plans! Find out more about fine art products at this page: the value of prints.

The place par excellence for this kind of shots is your own home: shooting mainly in the bedroom, living room and kitchen … but also in the bathroom if there are particular corners or furnishings (like a nice bathtub!). Why at home? It is a comfortable, intimate environment and you will feel more comfortable! In addition, you will have the opportunity to have all your wardrobe available! But if you don’t feel like organizing the session at home, we can choose another location, such as an apartment on airbnb, or a b & b / hotel. The important thing is that the room is large and bright, preferably a junior suite or suite: we will have more space and more angles available to shoot! The cost of the location is not included in the fee and will be choosen & booked by you. It can also be an opportunity to treat yourself to a day or a weekend away if you’re not from Modena!

Yes, although I strongly advise against it (unless you want to do a couple service together with her!). Boudoir is a very personal and intimate type of photo shoot, so it is essential that, in front of the friend who will participate in the session, you can feel relaxed, calm, spontaneous! You will not have to find yourself in the situation of thinking “who knows what he will say, who knows what he will think”. Furthermore, those who accompany you will not have to suggest poses and expressions to do during the session and will not be able to take photos of you.

The session lasts about two hours and we will have time to make up to 5 changes. However, always consider at least half an hour more than the agreed duration: in this way we will have time to have a chat before starting to shoot, to choose / watch the changes, choose the accessories … and do everything with no rush!

I recommend a simple and natural effect makeup, which you would use every day to correct any small imperfections, illuminating the face and highlighting its features. If makeup isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Even water and soap will be perfect! You want to keep your hair loose or gathered as you like, I will not ask you for particular hairstyles: the important thing is that they are clean and tidy!

The answer is simple: whatever you want, everything that makes you feel comfortable and sexy! You can choose a sweater, a shirt or a T-shirt, jeans or leg warmers, a silk dressing gown, the underwear of your favorite color or an intriguing piece of lingerie like babydoll and guêpière! This is the best chance to dare: rediscover that dress or that outfit never worn! Yes, just what you saw in the window and which you fell in love with immediately thinking “wow! I want it too!” (and for which you left half the salary at the cash desk); what your boyfriend gave you and in front of which you thought “I with something like this?” (and in the meantime you put on your Disney pajamas). Are you thinking that you never wore it because “maybe it’s too sexy”? Well, it’s the right one! In addition, you can match the accessories you want: hold-ups, necklaces or heeled shoes! Don’t you feel comfortable wearing lingerie? Can’t find the right dress? Discover how liberating and fun it is to make some shots simply wrapped in the sheets or with just a shirt! And if you want to wear something special … you will have the lingerie client closet available! A few days before your session I will send you photos of the garments so you can choose the one you like best! Are you thinking of shopping for your boudoir session and would you like some advice? I will be happy to help you and give you suggestions on what to buy!

Typically a boudoir session includes several types of shots: full length, portraits, details; each of them will be declined according to the mood you want to give to your session: sweet and romantic? Sexy and provocative? Naked? A mix? You are not obliged to choose the day you will book your session, you have plenty of time to think about it and you can change your mind even during the course of work: many of my clients have gone from the idea of ​​a session “without ever getting undressed” to “implied nude”, having a lot of fun! If you want to make a session based only on a certain type of images, or to absolutely include a particular detail photo, simply tell me! You can also make a selection of images that have impressed you, by style or pose, and that you would like to have in your gallery too: show them a few days before your session so I will already know what you like! I prefer to photograph with natural light and its shadows. I love black and white, strong contrasts. Most of the time boudoir sessions are carried out, on specific customer request, exclusively in black and white! And … I am Photoshop Free! Or rather, the use I make of it is really reduced. I know that the idea of ​​”not retouched” photos can be frightening and I already see that you are perplexed, but I assure you the final satisfaction will be immense! And I call it “self-confidence”. My post-production is based on color correction (and black and white!) Rather than on the morphological correction of the body! Any photo editing will concern the removal of small imperfections or pimples. The rule is: if it is part of you, it remains. As for stretch marks, many women have them and more often than not the poses used will hide them without the need for ad hoc photo retouching. I’ll show you that you are beautiful without Photoshop! Are you ready?

No, if you don’t want them to be used online! You will be given a release in which you will have to tell me if I will be able to use the photos taken or not: you will choose whether I will be able to use them all, only some (you will indicate which ones), only anonymous images or none. And if you have any doubts, write me! How many times have I heard “I would have liked to do a boudoir session but I didn’t want my photos to end online”: do not preclude the possibility of having an experience because of a little doubt! Your photos will not be published or used if you don’t want to!!

Within 30 days from the date of the session I will provide a selection of the best images, which will be post-produced according to my style; as soon as ready, we will organize your photo reveal! You will come to view your gallery at my studio, by appointment, or we will organize a video call with Google Meet. You will be able to look at and calmly look at your photos and choose, if you wish, the collection to buy or the individual products. A gallery includes on average 50 images.

Now… only one thing remains!
When to book a Boudoir session?

Now! Not “someday, maybe in a few months, in a year.” Someday is not a day of the week! Choose a date and start your Boudoir Experience now!

I shoot only one session a day and I am also available on weekends; if you have a specific date in mind (your birthday, for example), I recommend that you book at least 4 weeks in advance!

Are you afraid of setting a date because you want to get back in shape first? Choose it a little further on the calendar and set it as your goal! On the day of your session we will celebrate whatever the result: if you have achieved your goal, we will celebrate for the commitment you have shown! If you have not reached it, we will celebrate because you have chosen to make your session the same!

YOU DESERVE ALL THIS! Don’t you think?

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